Week 0 #OCTEL

My career in e-learning started out at Gloucestershire college. i’d left University with no real interest in a career in online learning, heck i didn’t really know what it was. We had at the time a very basic webct but no one used it, so like everyone else, i’d log in once a month to see if anything had been posted. When it hadn’t, i’d duly log back out and forget all about it.

For me, my career in e-learning started out quite by accident. I’d come out of University short of money, with a degree but no real direction or idea of what i wanted to do. All i know is i needed work and quickly. Then an opportunity came up for someone to work at Gloucestershire college, for designing online materials for A-level. It was for my degree subjects, so thought it would be a way to keep my degree in use and make money. So i applied, that was over 12 years ago and i’ve been working with e-learning every since minus a quick but forgettable time in customer service!

Through out my time in e-learning i have most enjoyed the training and teaching of staff. I find educational theory an area i have gravitated for, and have completed a PGCHE to improve my knowledge of Pedagogy. If technology is to be utilised effectively in the classroom, i believe it must be properly underpinned to the pedagogy of the course, and not used for technologies sake. Since doing my PGCE i have come to realise the importance of planning in e-learning and catering to the learners, not what i think is the best way to go about designing something. Through my PGCE i undetook distance and e-learning and it was fascinating to have a learners perspective on design. Thing i thought worked well, infuriated me as a learner. Particularlty with E-portfolios, which as i now head up e-portfolios at UWE has been a useful exercise!

over the coming weeks i will write more but for now i just wanted to put up a quick intro, i’m looking forward to starting the course and have no real expectations, other than a hope to learn some nex interesting stuff!


3 thoughts on “Week 0 #OCTEL

  1. Great post. Can’t agree more with your point about bringing the perspective of actually being a distance student to your design of courses.

    Hope you enjoy ocTEL.

  2. Hi Russell (it is Russell, isn’t it? I picked up your name from the rss feed). Well done for setting up a blog and getting started. I think you’re taking the right approach by testing the water with a short introduction, and I hope this reflective account of how you got to this point will prove to be a good foundation for recording what you get out of the course. All the best.

  3. Congratulations on your first post. I look forward to you sharing your experience of technology and users’ experience of technology with the #ocTEL group. I am sure that you will learn about new technologies and practices and likewise other participants will value your insight on the various topics/themes. Your “to learn some new interesting stuff” is a good starting point as a big or little question.

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