Activity 2.5: Active play

So fro this activity i decide to try out lost in the city. A point and click style game:

The premise is you are trapped in a room, with no knowledge of how you got there. The only info you have is a note and you must look around and find items to aid your escape, such as keys etc. 

I picked this game as i enjoyed point and click style games when younger and can see an educational value to the games. 

  • What do you think you could learn playing this game?

The game requires you to think through and apply problem solving skills to the situation. Pressure is increased with a time limited to do so. It also requires elements of logic, reasoning and deduction. What can get you out of the room and how can you use it. It applies observational skills too as you need to look around and find everything you need.

  • What (if anything) did you find engaging?

I like the premise of trying to escape and the way you are required to think around the problem. The fact that you are in control and it is first person it allows you to empathise and put yourself into the scenario.

  • What (if anything) did you find demotivational?

The game is a bit limited. You are on a rail, there is only one way to do everything so its trail and error until you get it right. The stakes are low to and your are very much hand held all the way through the process.


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