Week 3, if you do only one thing. #Octel

Slowly catching up on my Octel work and now finally some time to get onto week 3’s activity.


So this week I looked at two activities the first being:


https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CGA8sRwqIFg: A Video on Ionic, Covalent and Metallic Bonds from the Khan Academy


The Khan academy resources was straight forward video, which recorded a talk on Ionic bonds. The video was well presented, with diagrams and narrative working well, to explain the concepts of the video. The video would require some prior knowledge of the basics of Chemistry. It would not therefore be of use to people seeking an introduction to the concept, but perhaps those seeking to enhance their understanding of the concept. The presenter has a good conversational style which I found to be  engaging and would hold peoples attention. The video itself is not interactive and has no way of checking if learning is taking place. A learner has no opportunity to question the presenter or seek out more help from him, and all there is for social interaction is the comments section of you tube and no way of knowing if they are monitored. The video could be more interactive by adding a flash element so people can get to practice the examples themselves with some embedded feedback. As a learning element it is good as a video but not something that allows the learner to interact as a resource.

and then:

Beat the Bard a resources from E-Learning Examples.

This was a poor resource that frustrated me. The resource is essentially top trumps and could have been an engaging well though out game. Instead it offered little as a learning resource. The feedback was non-existent and if you were losing very frustrating. You could also beat the game by simply choosing the highest number on the card, without considering the quotes which is really the learning element of the game; so you could ignore it to succeed at the game.  As a simple coffee break game it was fun but i do not think it offers much in terms of learning or classroom development.


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